“Maley’s descriptions of the difficulties faced by a young boy on the run in strange surroundings, as well as his well-researched political context, make the book a compelling and thought-provoking read.”- G. Ganong


After writing a screenplay set in “bleeding Kansas” of the 1850s, Maley’s readers all asked to know more about one of the minor characters, a runaway slave boy.

Maley has produced four short comedy films. Coincidentally, people are starting to ask him to do eulogies.

Maley is a confirmed flatlander. He and his wife live in Oklahoma. When he has his dobber down, he likes to spend time up home in the Flint Hills of Kansas, which helped inspire the story Three Links of Chain!

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“The Return of Little Big Man” by Thomas Berger

Never read the earlier book, “Little Big Man,” which was published in 1964. Have seen the movie (1970, starred Dustin Hoffman) dozens of times, it’s one of my favorites. Even though the material was comedic, I thought it portrayed the life and times of the West in the post-Civil War era more authentically than any movie I’d ever seen. The […]

“The Zookeeper’s Wife” by Diane Ackerman

Never would have selected it myself, it was someone’s pick for the book club.

It’s a true account left in a diary by a zookeeper’s wife, of how she and her husband managed to help Jews survive the holocaust in World War II’s Warsaw. It focuses on the wife and the efforts she took to preserve some civilization for herself, her […]

“Dennis deserves a round of applauses for writing about Blanche. He created a character that feels real and whose feelings you can almost feel yourself”- Ruty@ReadingDreaming