“Maley’s descriptions of the difficulties faced by a young boy on the run in strange surroundings, as well as his well-researched political context, make the book a compelling and thought-provoking read.”– G. Ganong


Maley wrote a screenplay set in “bleeding Kansas” of the 1850s. Afterwards, his readers all asked to know more about one of the minor characters, a runaway slave boy. More research followed and the work morphed into a novel for middle grades and young adults with themes of literacy, freedom and duty.

Maley has produced four short comedy films. Coincidentally, people are starting to ask him to do eulogies.

Maley is a confirmed flatlander. He and his wife live in Oklahoma. When he has his dobber down, he likes to spend time up home in the Flint Hills of Kansas, which helped inspire the story Three Links Of Chain.

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“Three Links Of Chain,” a novel by Dennis Maley, is a heartwarming, entertaining novel about a runaway slave and his tribulations. The main character, a slave boy about fourteen, is one to pull for from the very start. He is smart, wise and resourceful. He basically lives well, can read, and never abused. Then his master dies.

Dennis captures […]

Jennifer Omner, book designer to the stars

It’s time to separate the real from the cereal. You do interior design work on books which I take it has nothing to do carpets and window treatments and color schemes. Kindly expand on that thought.

That is true! Most people don’t think of the interior pages of a book being designed and formatted. I know I didn’t until that magic moment […]

“Dennis deserves a round of applauses for writing about Blanche. He created a character that feels real and whose feelings you can almost feel yourself”– Ruty@ReadingDreaming