Welcome.  This site is about me and my projects.

I’ve written a novel called Runaway!, it’s about a slave boy on the Underground Railroad.  You can find out more about it at the tab “Project:Runaway!” but you’re interested in buying it,  you can go straight to Amazon and buy it by clicking this link:


…or Kindle:


The tab “Project: Runaway!” also tells about my plans for making an educational movie.

UPDATE: 9/23/2014… I’ve decided to rerelease Runaway! Probably the most important reason I decided to do this was because it’s too difficult for people to locate it on Amazon. I didn’t select a name that was unique enough. SEO – search engine optimization: “runaway” doesn’t do any heavy lifting for me. So in the rereleased version, the title will be Three Links Of Chain. I’ll also correct a clerical error or two that snuck past editing, and make some other changes to make it better. February 2015 is a target date, but it might just as well be March. We shall see.