“Maley’s descriptions of the difficulties faced by a young boy on the run in strange surroundings, as well as his well-researched political context, make the book a compelling and thought-provoking read.”– G. Ganong


Maley wrote a screenplay set in “bleeding Kansas” of the 1850s. Afterwards, his readers all asked to know more about one of the minor characters, a runaway slave boy. More research followed and the work morphed into a novel for middle grades and young adults with themes of literacy, freedom and duty.

Maley has produced four short comedy films. Coincidentally, people are starting to ask him to do eulogies.

Maley is a confirmed flatlander. He and his wife live in Oklahoma. When he has his dobber down, he likes to spend time up home in the Flint Hills of Kansas, which helped inspire the story Three Links Of Chain.

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“Oklahoma’s Most Notorious Cases,” by Kent Frates

Got my copy from the author at a book signing. As he says, Oklahoma’s had more than its fair share of sensational trials.

Frates is a lawyer who has practiced law in Oklahoma 50 years, served in the legislature , and most importantly, has breakfast on Wednesday morning at the same cafe I do. He unloads tons of facts about seven […]

“Dreams and Memories,” a song.

My sweet grandmother passed away in 1930, long before I was born. She left my middle-aged grandfather Levi a widower with five kids. My dad, only five when she died, says she was vibrant and fun-loving. My grandfather always seemed distant and starchy. He hummed a tune under his breath all the days I knew him.

It’s “Toselli’s Seranade” and was written […]

“Dennis deserves a round of applauses for writing about Blanche. He created a character that feels real and whose feelings you can almost feel yourself”– Ruty@ReadingDreaming