Welcome.  This site is about me and my projects.

I wrote a novel called Runaway!, about a slave boy on the Underground Railroad.  No matter how bad you want to buy it at this minute, you can’t. Not even at Amazon. Not even on Kindle. I’ve retired it.

9/23/2014… I decided to rerelease Runaway! Probably the most important reason I decided to do this was because it was too difficult for people to locate it on Amazon. I didn’t select a title that was unique enough. SEO – search engine optimization: “runaway” doesn’t do any heavy lifting for me. So in the rereleased version, the title will be Three Links Of Chain.

UPDATE: 2/22/2015… date set: July 7th 2015. I’ve spent a lifetime trying to jam square pegs into round holes. I’m letting this happen more organically.